As news reports emerge about seat sharing alliance talks among political parties of the ‘INDIA’ coalition political grouping, it has also been learnt that the top rung involved in seat negotiations are also discussing possible arithmetic for power sharing for the top post in the country if the INDIA alliance were to emerge victorious in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.
According to sources privy to the negotiations being held who requested anonymity for this story due to proximity to these talks said that a formula for “one year each” as Prime Minister for the top leaders of the political parties, according to the number of Lok Sabha seats their respective parties win, is being worked out.
Currently, INDIA alliance seat share talks have been unsuccessful in some states, West Bengal being the prominent one. Friction has also been seen in the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat where two coalition members are contesting against each other – Rahul Gandhi from Congress and Annie Raja from the Communist Party of India.
However, sources further affirm that these are pre-poll frictions which would be ironed out in the event the INDIA alliance where to stage a massive upset and defeat the Prime Minister Modi led, NDA alliance.
“We have to start our ground game now, the country doesn’t want a situation where the INDIA alliance is not sure of who will lead the country in a post BJP scenario…therefore, everything is being discussed thread bare,” added the source. (ANI)