The New Delhi Municipal Council is decorating thousands of trees and installing G20 floral boards to further beautify the city’s landscape ahead of the G20 Leaders Summit.
NDMC Vice Chairman Satish Upadhyay said work has already begun on the preparation and installation of 20 flower boards prominently displaying the G20 logo and slogan – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – One Earth, One Family, One Future” at strategic locations across New Delhi.
“In addition, thousands of trees falling in high-traffic areas frequented by our distinguished guests will be decorated with flowers for the main G20 events scheduled for September 8-10,” he said,
Delhi is all decked up to host the G20 summit on September 9 and 10.
The 18th G20 Summit in New Delhi will be a culmination of all the G20 processes and meetings held throughout the year among ministers, senior officials, and civil societies.
The NDMC has already beautified roads, footpaths, roundabouts, markets, flyovers and public areas with over 1 lakh potted plants grown in the state-of-the-art NDMC hi-tech nurseries.
Over 3 thousand trees and an impressive 9 lakh saplings have been planted across New Delhi.
Upadhyay said that the Council, as the apex civic body, is ready to showcase the beauty of New Delhi to the world during the G20 Summit. (ANI)