Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attacked the Congress in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh and alleged that the party will “reverse the development journey” in the state.
“There is a reverse gear in vehicles that takes them backwards. The Congress is an expert in reverse gear. Congress will reverse Madhya Pradesh’s development journey,” PM Modi said in a rally here.
Referring to Congress poll promises, the Prime Minister said whenever the party promises the moon, “there is something wrong”.
“Whenever they make big promises, take it that they are preparing to give sweet poison. It has happened in several states,” he alleged.
Addressing a rally in Satna earlier, PM Modi said Congress can never ensure development.
“Congress aayi, tabahi laayi (Congress came, brought with it destruction)”.
He said that Congress has no roadmap for the development of Madhya Pradesh.
“Congress has no roadmap for the development of Madhya Pradesh. The youth of the state see no future in Congress. The state has faith in the guarantees given by Modi,” he said.
PM Modi’s rallies over the past few days have boosted BJP’s campaign in the state. Congress is also making efforts to oust the BJP from power in the state in the November 17 assembly polls.
Counting of votes in Madhya Pradesh and four other states will take place on December 3.(ANI)