Accusing the Congress of being obstructive in the regular proceeding of the houses of Parliament, Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that the Congress Party is manipulating other opposition parties by imposing its negative decision on them.

Speaking to ANI, Mukhtar Naqvi said, “Congress is not able to handle his own house but creating a disturbance in the proceeding houses in Parliament. Today, most the parties want parliament session to run smoothly with good debate and discussion but congress party is manipulating them by imposing its negative decision.”

On Rahul Gandhi chairs the meeting of opposition to push jointly in House for Pegasus discussion, Naqvi said, “They want to become the leader of the opposition with no issue or matter to debate on.”

He further added, “We are ready to talk, debate, discuss and decide on every issue. The government never dined to talk on anything.”

Earlier on July 27, following multiple adjournments in the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha, Naqvi said that the Centre held talks with the Opposition on Monday night and assured that the Government is ready to discuss all the issues and answer all the questions raised in both the Houses of Parliament. But the Upper House saw five adjournments when the government had sought to push its legislative agenda. (ANI)