Senior Congress leader Mallu Ravi on Wednesday alleged that K Chandrasekhar Rao’s decision to enter national politics and subsequent change of TRS name to BRS, is at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Mallu Ravi told, PM Modi had “requested” Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to “launch Bharat Rashtra Samithi” (BRS), and go around the country to “divide the votes of Congress”.
He also alleged, “The Bharat Rashtra Samithi party is going to Delhi with the full understanding with BJP. They were allotted land to them to open a party office in Delhi. They have a mutual understanding, they are only pretending to fight the BJP, their aim is only to divide the anti-BJP votes and cut into Congress’ votes.”
“Whatever their planning may be, Congress will return to power in Telangana,” Mallu Ravi said.
Mallu Ravi also attacked KCR for neglecting the people of the state after the inauguration of the BRS party office in Delhi.

“The BRS party inauguration in Delhi has left Telangana without its CM and ministers. Cabinet ministers are in Delhi and nobody is left to look after the state, no KCR, KTR. Telangana people have been left without a CM and cabinet ministers. The fate of Telangana is hanging in balance. KCR has taken all the ministers and MLAs to make them national leaders,” Mallu said.

The Congress leader said after TRS’ name changed to BRS, CM KCR went to Delhi and stayed there for its inauguration. All cabinet ministers, MLAs, MPs and other leaders reached Delhi. The headquarters of the party is in Hyderabad.
“Now, they have left the Telangana state and gone to Delhi. The headquarters of the Congress party is in Delhi but our leaders are already there from different states. But, in the case of BRS, TRS leaders have gone to Delhi and left the party,” he said.
The Congress leader said “the grand old party is preparing the ground for taking responsibility for the people of the state”.
Mallu Ravi said the Congress party fought for the freedom of India. “Bharat Jodo Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi is such an example. Yatra is not just for the Congress party but for the people of India.”(ANI)