The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), India’s National Standards Body, has taken a significant step towards nurturing the future generation of quality-conscious citizens by establishing 6,467 Standard Clubs in schools and colleges across the country.
This initiative aims to sensitize young minds to the importance of standards in enhancing the quality of life.
The BIS recognizes that children are the architects of a strong and vibrant India. Their visionary initiative to create Standards Clubs in educational institutions is designed to instil in young minds the paramount importance of quality, standards, and scientific thinking, read the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution press release.

Quality consciousness, rooted in standardization principles, is a fundamental pillar of rapid economic development. By fostering an appreciation for quality, standards and standardization in students, the BIS seeks to ignite a spark that can transform Indian society, read the press release.

The Standards Clubs initiative, which began in 2021, has already made a significant impact by being established in 6,467 schools and colleges across the nation.
These clubs have garnered a membership of over 1.7 lakh enthusiastic students, primarily from science backgrounds, guided by dedicated science teachers serving as mentors, read the press release.
These mentors undergo specialized training provided by the BIS to effectively guide and inspire their students.
Of the 6,467 Standards Clubs, 5,562 are situated in schools, while 905 clubs are located in various colleges, including 384 clubs in engineering colleges, read the press release.
This initiative showcases the BIS’s commitment to nurturing young ambassadors of quality who will play a pivotal role in upholding and enhancing India’s standards and the quality of products and services.
The BIS’s effort to engage with educational institutions to promote quality awareness aligns with India’s broader goal of fostering a culture of excellence and quality consciousness among its citizens.
These young minds are poised to contribute to India’s growth story by championing the cause of quality and standards in various sectors, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future for the nation. (ANI)