Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar today stressed that “Bharat is charting its course to reclaim the glory of Vishwa Guru” while addressing the platinum jubilee celebrations of Xavier School of Management in Jamshedpur.
He urged young leaders to carve a path for future generations, fostering hope and fortitude to inherit a Bharat that cherishes its rich civilizational ethos.
“Let’s believe, execute, collaborate, and, above all, aspire to be change-makers as we stride towards 2047,” he emphasised.
Addressing the platinum jubilee celebrations of XLRI today, the Vice President asserted the vital need to re-inculcate the feeling of “Swadesh” among the youth by encouraging students to embrace economic nationalism in both intent and action. He illustrated its manifold advantages, ranging from preserving foreign exchange reserves to fostering entrepreneurship and bolstering employment opportunities.
Cautioning against the fear of failure as ‘anti-development and anti-growth”, Shri Dhankhar underlined that abstaining from pursuing an idea due to fear not only does injustice to oneself but also inflicts injustice upon humanity at large.

Highlighting that we stand on the “threshold of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the Vice President underlined the emergence of multiple groundbreaking technologies: artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning, quantum computing, 6G technology, and green hydrogen. He stressed that these innovations will offer unparalleled opportunities, reshaping industries, reimagining solutions, and fundamentally revolutionising our way of life and work.
The Vice President observed that “it is crucial to understand that success is not solely measured by the weight of books or the pressure of grades but by the passion for learning and resilience to overcome challenges.”.
Underscoring the nation’s ascending prowess and global recognition, VP appreciated that, “India’s infrastructural strides are dotted with modern marvels like the New Parliament building, Bharat Mandapam, and the expansive Yashobhoomi, the Prime Minister Meuseum,” commending that they were completed in the shortest possible time.
During his address, the Vice President remarked that “a stress-free mindset not only enhances creativity and innovation but also fosters holistic development.” He explained that this approach ensures that every student thrives not only academically but also as a well-rounded individual, equipped to navigate life’s complexities beyond the classroom.
Describing Jamshedpur as a city of ‘innovation and enterprise,’ Vice President Dhankhar motivated students to ‘think out of the box’. He elucidated that “there exists an ecosystem where it allows you to fully exploit your talent, your potential, and your dreams and aspirations.”
CP Radhakrishnan, Governor State of Jharkhand, Father S. George, Director XLRI, Professor Sanjay Patro, Dean, Academics, XLRI and other dignitaries were also present on the occasion. (ANI)