Stressing on the need to maintain constant combat readiness, Navy Chief Admiral Dinesh K Tripathi asked his officers to follow the motto of ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow’ to protect the nation’s maritime interests.
The Navy Chief was giving his inaugural address to the officers at the naval headquarters yesterday.
In his speech, Admiral Tripathi underscored the Indian Navy’s fundamental mission to maintain constant combat readiness to protect the nation’s maritime interests under the motto “Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow!”
The Navy Chief reminded the officers about the security environment and the consequent actions required by the Navy.

Admiral Tripathi reiterated the unwavering commitment of the Indian Navy towards Aatma Nirbharta, laying emphasis on finding in-house solutions, pole-vaulting innovation, and embracing niche technologies to address the existing and emerging challenges in the maritime domain to remain a responsive force and ensure maritime security.
He exhorted that as mid- and senior-level leaders posted in the naval headquarters, officers must remain focused on being “the solution providers” and “prioritising outcomes” towards a combat-ready, credible, cohesive, and future-ready force.
Tripathi also commended the dedication and professionalism of the naval personnel, acknowledging their efforts in fulfilling all mandated tasks and contributing to the service’s objectives.
Admiral Tripathi took over as the 26th Chief of the Naval Staff on April 30. He has been stressing increasing the combat readiness of the force, increasing the level of indigenization in the force and achieving a higher level of self-reliance in weapon systems and high-tech platforms have also been high priorities for the maritime force. (ANI)