The Rouse Avenue court on Saturday directed the Delhi State Legal Services Authority to file a victim impact assessment report in Doctor Rajender Singh’s suicide case. Based on this report and affidavits of convicts, the court will decide the amount of compensation to the victims.
Special judge Kaveri Baweja asked Secretary DLSA to file a victim impact assessment report in the matter.
The court has listed the case on July 9 for arguments on sentence to convicts. Jarwal and other convicts have filed their affidavits of assets and income.
On February 28, The Rouse Avenue court convicted AAP MLA Prakash Jarwal and his associate Kapil Nagar for abetting a doctor to commit suicide. They also have been held guilty of the offence of criminal conspiracy for extortion and threat to deceased Rajender Singh. The deceased was a doctor and engaging in water supply through tankers.
The Court had held Prakash Jarwal and Kapil Nagar guilty of the offences of abetment to suicide, extortion, attempt to extortion, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy for extortion. The third accused Harish Jarwal has been convicted of the offence of criminal intimidation.
The court said that the prosecution had been successful in proving the allegations beyond reasonable doubt.
Additional Public Prosecutor (APP) Manish Rawat argued on behalf of the Delhi police.
On November 11, 2021, the court framed charges against Prakash Jarwal, Kapil Nagar and Harish in different sections of IPC.
The court had said that the offences under Sections 120 B IPC read with Sections 386 (punishment for Extortion), 384 (extortion) and 506 (Criminal intimidation) and offences under Section 384 read with Section 120 B (Criminal Conspiracy) IPC, Section 386 read with Section 120 B IPC and Section 506 read with Section 120 B IPC and also under 306/34 IPC are prima facie made out against the accused Prakash Jarwal and Kapil Nagar.

The accused Harish was discharged for the offence under Sections 306 and 386 IPC but he was charged for an offence under Section 506 IPC by the court.
An FIR was registered based on the complaint dated 18.04.2020 of Hemant Singh, wherein he had stated that his father late Shri Rajender Singh was doing the work of supply of water through tankers since 2005. Delhi Jal Board had never harassed his father.
However, since the accused Prakash Jarwal had won and become MLA of the Aam Admi Party, he and one Kapil Nagar who worked with him and others started harassing his father for money regularly, he alleged.
It was alleged that accused Kapil Nagar, at the instance of the accused Prakash Jarwal used to take monthly amounts and used to give to the accused Prakash Jarwal. The accused Prakash Jarwal was a member of the Delhi Jal Board and without taking the monthly amount, he did not allow the plying of their tankers with the Jal Board.
The complainant had stated that if his father did not pay the monthly amount to the accused Prakash Jarwal, he used to threaten his father and also threatened to destroy him. His father used to regularly give lakhs of rupees to the accused. When his father opposed giving monthly amounts, his tankers were removed from the Delhi Jal Board after which his father complained to the Executive Engineer of Delhi Jal Board on 09.04.2020.
It was also stated that the father of the complainant had pleaded with the accused Prakash Jarwal several times not to harass him as he was a heart patient but the accused Prakash Jarwal did not listen and kept harassing his father continuously which they also had a phone recording.
It was further stated that the accused Prakash Jarwal used his power to get the payment of the deceased stopped. The father of the complainant had written about the mental harassment in his diary and he had also mentioned the amount given to accused Prakash Jarwal in the diary which amount was taken forcibly.
It was alleged that due to the exploitation and pressure, the deceased used to remain troubled and used to write about the instances in his diary.
It was also alleged that the father of the complainant had sold his ancestral land and taken a loan on the jewellery of his wife for which they also had a receipt and at the instance of accused Prakash Jarwal had given the money to Kapil Nagar. (ANI)