You’re inclined to be more precise and direct about how you feel today and tomorrow, dear Aries. You tend to allow your emotions to lead you. It can be challenging to integrate your needs for independence with your powerful desire to stick with what’s most familiar and safe. Still, there are other ways to express yourself today, and loving feelings are easy to tap. Especially as the day advances, conditions are excellent for finding resolutions to matters causing you some amount of stress or distress. It’s particularly the case with romantic relationships, children, creative pursuits, or hobbies. You are ready to take steps to improve a situation. Taking the lead or taking charge becomes you, and you may very well find that others are attracted to your healing, proactive, and naturally confident approach. You must push yourself past your fears and embrace new ideas and opportunities. The chances are good that others are more confident in your abilities than you are.


You may be feeling a bit lacking in direction temporarily with Neptune stationing and turning retrograde, dear Taurus. You may question a friendship, or you long for a more idyllic social life. There may be some confusing situations or a bubble-bursting moment now, particularly surrounding a long-term dream or a friendship, but this is a temporary situation. As we advance, you will get back in touch with your dreams, possibly refining them to suit your purposes and current status. As well, friendships will resume with renewed faith, again possibly with refinements. You’re working towards a more balanced perspective on these matters, which will evolve until December 1st. If you’re feeling stuck in one place emotionally, allow yourself extra time to figure things out before moving forward. Some time for reflection can be beneficial now. Neptune’s retrograde lasts five months, and while the shift itself can amplify problem areas, once adjusted, you’ll find it a good time to reassess things. Today, there can be a tendency for forgetfulness and indecision. However, the Moon in your spirit sector helps you zoom out on a mental level to see the bigger picture.


You could experience a small crisis of faith with Neptune stationing and turning retrograde, dear Gemini, likely to do with your career, life direction, or reputation issues. It’s a time when you might first question your goals before ultimately strengthening them. What currently feels like a lack of direction can work in your favor as you learn about what you truly want. Neptune’s retrograde cycle lasts for over five months, and it’s an important time for self-understanding. Aim to dig deep to discover your true calling. A feeling, revelation, or situation can prompt you to pull back from your goals to let things flow and gain a new perspective. There may be a lull in motivation or reason to question your life path, career, status, or reputation. However, a delay could encourage you to take a second look at your dreams and discern whether they truly reflect you and where you are. You’re likely to make refinements that reinforce your resolve or faith in your dreams. For now, it’s best to observe rather than make big moves since the shift can feel disorienting. Today, try not to take a scattered approach to handling your chores or responsibilities, as this can only serve to increase anxiety. Instead, aim to observe and make minor adjustments rather than big, bold moves.


Neptune stations and turns retrograde today, dear Cancer, and until December 1st, you’ll be realigning with beliefs and pursuits that reflect your current growth. There can be some confusion during the shift itself–and possibly a disappointment–but it can lead to a better position overall if you use it as a learning experience. A minor crisis of faith in a belief system, educational path, or project can occur. You need some extra inspiration, and it will be your mission to find it. Remind yourself that you can’t rush the process. You can have unusual emotions and desires today, which can lead to indecision, making it best to observe instead of jumping into action today. The Moon spends the day in your solar seventh house, and it’s time to focus less on the technical side of life and more on the social aspects.


Neptune stations and turns retrograde today, dear Leo. While this shift can have a somewhat confusing effect on your understanding of a relationship, support, or financial matters, the cycle itself, lasting until December 1st, is beneficial for gaining a perspective on these matters. You may be exploring dreams, motivations, and spiritual needs as you look at these matters from a slightly more detached position. If there is a letdown or lull experienced this week, know that it’s temporary and can help redirect you along a more appropriate and empowering path. This shift can pull up questions about ownership or sharing issues, but it also reminds you to slow down and get your bearings.


The Moon spends the day in your creative solar fifth house, and pressures feel less pressing, dear Virgo. Also today, Neptune stations and turns retrograde, and until December 1st, you’re in good shape for learning about your dreams and ideals. This planetary station can call to mind an important relationship, past or present, and the need for a new perspective on your own relationship needs or a person in your life. It’s important to let things flow more naturally so that you can tap into this energy. You may need to revise your outlook or approach, and eventually, this cycle will reveal the right path. Suppose you experience a temporary lull or loss of faith in a person, relationship, or dream this week. In that case, it can lead to critical introspection as you get in touch with what you honestly want from a person or a relationship. Boundaries can be a big issue, and it may be that you’ve let people cross them a little too much recently. If so, you’re more inclined to notice it in the months ahead. You might be better of letting go of your attention to detail to relax your mind and enjoy the moment since the day favors creative thinking. As the shift occurs now, you can experience odd yearnings and conflicting desires, but you’ll learn a lot about your needs as we advance.


In the first half of the day, people seem to require more care and sensitivity, dear Libra, and there is a strong inclination for misunderstandings or hurt feelings. Keep apologies short, if necessary. With Venus at the top of your chart these days, you’re making it easy for others to respect you. Authority figures, including bosses and parents, are likely to see you in a good light. Someone could support, sponsor, or otherwise endorse you, particularly as the day advances and Venus moves into harmony with Uranus in your sector of support and others’ resources. It’s a good time to flirt with new ideas, concepts, and activities. Freeing yourself from self-limiting beliefs of what you can or cannot do is what Uranus in this sector of your chart is about, and right now, this process helps you present the best version of yourself to others.


Tensions, both internal and with others, are possible in the first half of the day, dear Scorpio. Someone might misunderstand your opinions or take them personally. Avoid explaining yourself to people who are acting narrow-minded but take the time to make things right with those who deserve your attention. Dissatisfaction might only resolve given a little time. As the day advances, you feel considerably freer to express yourself in new ways. It’s a beautiful time for a boost in a relationship. Keeping things fresh and exciting helps any relationships that have become predictable. People are drawn to your liveliness, charm, ideas, and wit today. Sharing ideas, philosophies, and beliefs can be mind-expanding and pleasant. Doing something offbeat or outside of the usual routine can be integral.


In the first half of the day, people can quickly feel slighted and are easily offended, dear Sagittarius, with a Venus-Chiron aspect in play. It may be better to avoid drama right now, which can very easily escalate. Instead, take more time to understand what it is you truly want. Trying to explain your way out of something is likely to be a waste of time right now. If rhythms in relationships are off temporarily, it’s best not to let them define your next move. As the day advances, you feel lighter and freer, particularly on an emotional level. You can experience a pleasant degree of detachment later today, and this is a welcome detour. It allows you just enough comfort and emotional distance from matters to enjoy yourself fully. Complicated issues seem far less complex or confusing. Loosening up your schedule helps you relax and have fun.



With today’s Solar Eclipse clearing the path for lifestyle improvements, dear Capricorn, ideas or insights gained now can help direct you along these lines. You’ll be taking charge of your work, daily routines, self-care programs, and health. However, there is some need to review before you make a fresh start. You may want to breathe some new life into old routines, for example. Perhaps due to a dilemma, a reinvigoration process begins, whether it’s about taking better care of yourself or recommitting to a work project. Aim to be content to be out of step or anonymous, just for now, as this can help you in the long run since it allows you to observe and redirect plans. Be sure to pace yourself and don’t jump into something without thinking. A new direction will come, and you don’t have to push for it. Instead, you’ll feel the motivation and courage build slowly but surely, eventually reaching a point where you’re in charge and confident in what you’re doing.



To clear the way for a fresh start after today’s Solar Eclipse, dear Aquarius, you may need to take care of some unfinished business. Those projects or associations that have been holding you back from expressing your authentic, creative self may come under scrutiny. This eclipse can serve as a strong push to start anew regarding a romance, creative project, or the pursuit of joy and pleasure in your life. As you review old ideas, new perspectives can unveil. There could be a reconnection with an old friend that gets you thinking or viewing a past relationship in a new way. This helps set up the new, slate-clearing energy of this eclipse. It can also be a time for bringing back old hobbies and pastimes. Since this powerful New Moon occurs in your sector of romance, creative self-expression, recreation, children, and hobbies, events happening now and in the coming weeks set you up for new beginnings in one or more of these areas of life. You are likely to attract positive attention from others, especially romantically or creatively speaking. Allow the process to unfold, and keep in mind that eclipses can drain your energy temporarily.


If you’ve been undecided about a project launch, a move, or a personal change, dear Pisces, the energy of today’s Solar Eclipse can nudge you forward. However, take your time with brand new beginnings and aim to strategize and plan. Keep in mind that any backtracking you need to do now will contribute significantly to the strength of plans and future ventures. There can be some critical renovations and improvements in your home or with family relationships on the horizon. A fresh start may arise from a feeling of being in the dark or in limbo, necessitating a new approach. Whatever the reason, you’re starting anew with your home or personal life, family, or needs for nurture, comfort, and safety. It can involve excavating and looking to past patterns to better understand where you want to go. It’s time to assess what may have held you back from thriving, mainly related to your career and domestic world, and how you balance your time between them. The coming weeks are powerful for taking charge of your home life, attention to matters of security and safety, connecting with family and your own emotions. This eclipse can serve as a cosmic nudge to find your roots, learn your worth, build your sense of security, and focus on improving your support system or base of operations. There can be the need or desire to put your personal life first now, and changes may be afoot.