A retail outlet of organic products based in Telangana’s Hyderabad is providing an experiential learning space for the youth who ‘face learning challenges’ to give them opportunities to learn entrepreneurship in Telangana’s Hyderabad.

‘Swaach, the Organic Bazaar’, was started by Suparna Bajaj who came up with the idea of an experiential space for the youths like her son Shiv who have a learning disability. This place gives them space where they are given the freedom to learn, think and experiment.

Further, it developed into a set up where they learn all the processes of entrepreneurship.

“Swaach is not a normal shop that sells organic food but it also provides experiential learning of entrepreneurship to the young adults who learn differently and slowly,” the founder of ‘Swaach’ Suparna Bajaj

“This has been set up so that the youngsters can learn entrepreneurship and can run a small business for themselves in the future,” Bajaj said.

Bajaj said that currently there are three young adults who run the shop. “Through this small scale business, they are mentored and taught how to deal with vendors in a small scale business set up. They deal with package, delivery, and bill. This helps them to improve their respective skills and built up a community for sustainable living,” she added.
Shailaja who is working at the truck for three years now said, “I have been doing customers’ bills, consolidated sheets and vendor management.”