West Bengal Mamata Banerjee suffered a minor injury on Saturday after she slipped and fell while taking her seat after boarding a helicopter in Durgapur.
The chief minister had reportedly suffered a minor injury and was helped by her security personnel.
Visulas of the incident showed her climbing the steps to the helicopter, and slipping while inside the chopper. Her security personnel quickly assisted her.

Banerjee proceeded with her scheduled trip to Asansol after receiving first aid.
Earlier, this March, the West Bengal Chief Minister sustained a ‘major injury’ on her forehead.
The All India Trinamool Congress had shared photos of Banerjee on a hospital bed with a deep cut in the middle of her forehead and blood on her face.
Voting for three Lok Sabha seats – Balurghat, Raiganj adn Darjeeling-concluded in the second phase of parliamentary election held on Friday. Voting in the state for 42 parliamentary members is set for all seven phases in the ongoing general elections that commenced on April 19 and will conclude on June 1.
During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal the Trinamool Congress (TMC) won in 22 seats, while the BJP won in 18 seats. Congress emerged victorious in two seats. (ANI)