Uttar Pradesh Mango Festival 2023, where many different varieties of mangoes are displayed, continued to attract a large number of visitors from across the state on Saturday.
Many mango farmers, who see the festival as an opportunity to market their products, displayed their produce to the people visiting the festival.
Some of the farmers participating in the festival grow many varieties of mangos. For example, more than 170 varieties of mangoes are produced by Satish Chand Shukla in Yog Bihar Bagh located on Para Road of the capital Lucknow. He was honored by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for better mango cultivation techniques.
During the inauguration of the Uttar Pradesh Mango Festival 2023 at Avadh Shilpgram in Lucknow on Friday, CM Yogi noted the high demand for UP’s mangoes in European markets.
He urged to make them available worldwide, stating that the markets of Europe are waiting for the mangoes of UP.

He said, “The markets of Europe are waiting for the mangoes of Uttar Pradesh. We must take the mangoes from here to every corner of the world.”
“In Russia, mangoes are being sold at Rs 800 per kg, but it costs Rs 190 to send mangoes through cargo from here. That means, if a farmer exports mangoes to Russia, he will get a net profit of more than Rs. 600,” he added.
Furthermore, he asked the farmers to avoid shortcuts, prioritize quality, and prepare their products in accordance with market demands.
“Our government is working on the ‘Beej Se Bazar Tak’ approach to increase the income of farmers,” he said.
CM Yogi also said that the state government had sent its teams to numerous nations during the Global Investors Summit. (ANI)