As mercury shoots up, Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Traffic Police has introduced for its personnel, special AC helmets, designed to keep cool in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Celsius to 42 degree Celsius.
Speaking to ANI, DCP Traffic Aarti Singh said that because of the summers, AC helmets have been prepared for the traffic policemen. “At present, the helmets have been given on a trial basis to the traffic policemen posted at six major intersections of the city, the results of which have also been quite successful. Soon, this AC helmet will also be given to the traffic policemen posted at other intersections of the city.”
The Traffic DCP further informed that the AC helmet has been manufactured by a company based in Hyderabad and is equipped with many special features. “Putting this helmet on the head provides a lot of coolness… It also has a charging point installed in it, with the help of which it can be charged easily. Once this helmet is charged, it provides cooling for 8 hours,” Singh said.

There have been instances where due to the heat, policemen posted at intersections to regulate traffic in the city fainted.
Also, with the help of this cap, the effect of sunlight will be reduced significantly.
The helmet also has a cap that can protect the eyes of policemen from sunlight.
Traffic police personnel who were given the helmets on trial basis said they could do their work better than before, and the helmet was quite comfortable. (ANI)