The Tripura Mizo Convention, the apex body of the Mizo community people living in Tripura, put forward a three-point charter of demands before Governor Indrasena Reddy Nallu during his visit to Jampui Hills, in North Tripura district.
Located on the borders of Tripura and Mizoram, Jampui Hills is Tripura’s only hill station, largely inhabited by the Mizo community.
The charter of demands pertains to the recognition of the tribal community in government records, the introduction of the Mizo language at Tripura University and the codification of the Mizo customary law, which is now lying in his office for formal approval.
According to the demand draft undersigned by the general secretary of the outfit, Dr. Zairemthiam Pachuau, and president Lalrawntlinga Sailo, the Mizo community of Jampui Hills has been working hard to make sure that this place can retain its status of the ‘Heaven of Tripura’.

“As the local community of Jampui Hill, it has been our earnest pursuit to continue to make Jampui Hill ‘the Heaven of Tripura’, both in the metaphorical and the physical terms. In order to continue to achieve that goal, please allow us to bring to your kind attention the following points of development and empowerment, which fall under your esteemed office,” the charter of demands read.
Elaborating on the demands, the document added, “Kindly accelerate the ongoing process of changing the nomenclature of our tribe from Lushai” to “Mizo” in the ST list/Presidential list of Tripura.”
On language, the draft said, “Kindly resume the process of introducing the Mizo language subject in Tripura University, the proposal of which was already submitted as advised by Tripura University. The introduction of Mizo language subjects at Tripura University will benefit a vast population of students in Tripura who have been adopting Mizo as their lingua franca and save them from the compulsion of taking up English or Bengali language subjects, which they find very difficult. There are readily available and well developed Mizo textbooks and literature for the curriculum and syllabus.”
The organisation also urged the Governor’s office to approve the Mizo Customary Law Bill, which has been passed by the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) and is now awaiting his formal nod.
“Kindly facilitate for us the finalisation and enactment of the Mizo Customary Law that was already passed at the TTAADC Session and now pending State Cabinet’s approval and the Honourable Governor’s approval and signature. We, the people of Jampui Hill, once again express our gratitude for visiting us. Be assured of our good wishes and prayers in the days to come,” the charter stated in closing. (ANI)