Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha on Tuesday inaugurated Vidya Samiksha Kendra at the old Shishu Bihar School in Tripura.
Vidya Samiksha Kendra is a unique method of empowering parents with the right information at the right time about the students at the school level.
It’s also considered the power of learning evidence and administrative data at your fingertips.
The system as per NEP 2020 is believed to enable parents and guardians to achieve a Grade level of Competency through Digital Home Learning as it’s a real-time monitoring process.
During the occasion, NC Sharma, Director of Higher Education, Secretary of Education Rabel Hemendra Kumar, and Smita Mall Elementary Education were present to witness this modern, digital technology which may strongly be active to properly monitor the education system, grades and quality of School education throughout the state by the competent authority.
Vidya Samiksha Kendra will enrich the education quality by the teachers or faculties too that will provide proper training.

Moreover, almost 5000 schools, approx 37000 teachers throughout the State are likely to be enrolled by the Vidya Samiksha Kendra.
In some states, Vidya Samiksha Kendra has been implemented and today, the state of Tripura has also been included in this digital system for better quality education with multiple options.
Vidya Samiksha Kendra (VSK) is aimed at leveraging data and technology to bring a bid leap in learning outcomes.
In 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed that Vidya Samiksha Kendra can bring big changes in the field of education across the country.
“I would also ask the concerned ministries and officials of the Government of India to study Vidya Samiksha Kendra. The concerned departments of different states should also come to Gandhi Nagar and study the initiative,” PM Modi said.
Earlier, States/UTs were advised to establish a Central system (Vidya Samiksha Kendra) at state level for tracking student enrolment, progress in their learning levels, out of school children mainstreamed, textbook delivery, support required by teachers and schools, etc.
VSK will cover data of more than 15 Lakh schools, 96 Lakh teachers and 26 crore students and analyse them meaningfully using big data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to enhance the overall monitoring of the education system and there by improving learning outcomes. (ANI)