The victim Priya Singh, who alleged that her boyfriend, who is a senior bureaucrat’s son, allegedly tried to mow her down with his car in Thane city, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “justice” and claimed that on Saturday night policemen compelled her to sign something, but she refused.
“Last night some policemen came. They were trying to force me to sign something. I refused. Because I did not have a lawyer. Neither did anyone from my family. They were forcing me, saying that whatever will happen tomorrow, sign now. When I did not sign, they got angry and went away,” Priya said on Sunday.
“I have great faith in the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister. I just want justice,” she said.
The incident took place early on Monday morning near a hotel in Thane and police have registered a case against the accused, Ashwajit Gaikwad.
She further said that she was in a relationship with her boyfriend for over four-and-a-half-year.
“I had a four-and-a-half-year relationship with my boyfriend. We were completely in love with each other. I did not know earlier that he was married. Later, when I came to know he told me that they (his wife and him) were not together anymore, they had separated. He said that he wanted to marry me. I was staying with him for a long time. When I went to meet him that night, he was with his wife. I was in shock when I went to talk to him, he got aggressive. We had a fight,” she claimed.
“Three bones in my right leg are broken, it has been operated on. From my left shoulder to my hips I’ve deep injuries…I cannot move my body. Four days ago I went to file an FIR, the day all this happened. But no action was taken. Today, when I posted on the social media, the police have supported me today,” Victim said.
Meanwhile, a special investigation team (SIT) has been formed to probe the Thane incident, officials said.
“An offence has been registered under section 279, 338, 323, 504, 34 IPC. A primary investigation has been done by the local police officers… Today an SIT has been formed… We are investigating and inquiring all the witnesses… We have recorded 3 statements till now,” DCP Zone 5 Amarsingh Jadhav said.
A 26-year-old woman was severely injured when her boyfriend, who is the son of a senior bureaucrat, allegedly tried to run her over with his car in Maharashtra’s Thane district.
The accused has been identified as Ashwajit Gaikwad. (ANI)