The Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) has called for a ban on the ‘Razakar’ movie saying that it is based on “distorted history” and has potential to incite hatred among people.
MBT Spokesperson, Amjed Ullah Khan, in a media statement, said that the film ‘Razakar’ is based on distorted history and pure imagination and it has huge potential to incite hatred among the people.
Amjed Ullah Khan said, “The film ‘Razakar’ is being produced by a politician Gudur Narayana Reddy, who was initially from Congress and later switched to BJP. The poster of the film was recently launched by BJP MP Bandi Sanjay. Bandi Sanjay releasing the movie poster shows the hidden Hindutva agenda of the film.”

“The word ‘Razakar’ is an Urdu word which means ‘volunteer’. Some people who are connected to those who portray Nathuram Godse as a hero are trying to defame Muslims ahead of the elections by presenting the movie, ‘Razakar’. They are trying to portray that the Muslim Razakars attacked and assaulted the Hindus. They intend to destroy the Ganga–Jamuni Tehzeeb of Telangana and create hatred among Hindus and Muslims. Before the independence when Hyderabad was hit by a plague, several people had voluntarily worked against it. Many social organisations, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and many others worked against it. There were Razakars who were Hindus who were working against this disease. Those who are making this film are breaking the facts. Relating Razakar to muslims is wrong. They just want to start communal riots with this. MBT demands a ban on this film,” Khan said in his statement.
“We appeal to the Censor Board and Telangana Government to immediately put a ban on this film. Preventive Detention Act should be invoked on the producer and director of this film. The disruption of facts is a crime in our country. The filmmakers are not just working against Muslims but working against the country. They are traitors,” he said.
“I appeal to Gudur Narayana Reddy to make a movie on the fact that Amit Shah and Modi had promised to give Rs.15 lakh but have not done it. The prices of the gas cylinder and petrol has inflated. BJP has not done anything for the state. Now, BJP does not have anything to say. Since they are left with no issues, they are now trying to create one by making the film ‘Razakar’ based on events which happened more than 75 years ago,” MBT spokesman said.
“In 2018, they had come up with Hyderabad Liberation Day. If the film-makers have guts, they should make a film on Police Action and the Pandit Suderlal Report wherein lakhs of Muslims were allegedly brutally massacred and many Muslim women were assaulted,” he added. (ANI)