Former Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s (KCR) nephew Kalvakuntla Tejeshwar Rao, alias Kanna Rao, was arrested by the Telangana police on Tuesday for allegedly trespassing on private land and attacking the staff of a private firm, police officials confirmed.
According to FIR, Rao’s men allegedly trespassed, damaged boundary walls with a JCB, cut the fencing wire, burnt the furniture on the premises, and also attempted to encroach the land.
On March 3, a petition was received from Bandoju Srinivas, resident of Secunderabad, in which he stated he is the authorized representative of OSR Projects situated at Financial District and also representative of SSAN Enterprises situated at Sainikpuri, Hyderabad and above companies are associated entities to each other.
The FIR said that the complainant company OSR Projects had purchased land measuring 10890 Square Yards from said Chava Suresh vide Sale Deed document No 991/2020, dated January 31, 2020 and thereupon OSR Projects had sold the land to his associate entity SSAN Enterprises under Registered Sale Deed vid e Document No 11347/2023, dated September 16, 2023.
But in the meantime, Jakkidi Surender Reddy and his associates started interfering and disturbing the peaceful possession even though they had relinquished their rights over the land long back in the year 2013.

Police FIR further said that on February 7, 2024 Jakkidi Surender Reddy and vendor Chava Suresh and their henchmen criminally trespassed into the above land, tried to level the land and threatened with dire consequences.
“At that juncture, upon the receipt of their complaint, authority registered a case vide Crime No 69/2024, U/S 447, 427, 506 IPC. As the above persons did not change their attitude and attempted to trespass land, their company has constructed a compound wall surrounding the land, erected a container and one hut and appointed caretakers, Mohd Shabba, Sharukh, Ganesh, Swaraj and Prem to look after the land and they are residing in the above container and hut,” the FIR said.
The FIR said that on March 3, at about 07:20 am Jakkidi Surender, Jakkidi Harinath, Shiva, Kalwakuntla Kanna Rao, Daniel and their other henchmen along with one JCB criminally trespassed into their land, demolished the precast compound wall of the land.
When the above caretakers tried to resist their act, they beat them with stones and rods and lit fire to the hut and container. By coming to know about their acts, the complainant rushed to the spot and questioned the illegal acts of the above persons for which they abused him and warned of dire consequences.
Hence the complainant requested to take necessary legal action as per law. (ANI)