In a heart-warming moment witnessed during a rally of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in Telangana’s Sangareddy, an elderly woman sang a song on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, which she had written years ago.
Rahul Gandhi was seen encouraging the elderly woman to sing the song dedicated to his grand mother and the former PM.
The Congress MP is on a visit to the state ahead of the assembly polls.
Earlier today, he addressed a public gathering in Andole and slammed the BRS government in the state accusing it of being mired in corruption and involved in paper leakages in the state.
Speaking at the rally, Rahul Gandhi said, “I met the youth of Telangana yesterday evening. The youth invest their money in coaching for the exam and the BRS government every time gets involved in paper leakage. Why did 8000 farmers commit suicide? In the Dalit Bandhu scheme, why does the MLA of BRS take a cut of Rs 3 lakhs? KCR runs the most corrupt government in the country.”

Further, taking a jibe at at BRS government, Rahul Gandhi called it a ‘Dorala Sarkar’ (Feudal government) and appealed to vote for Congress Prajala Sarkar (people’s government).
Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said, “We have made six promises. As soon as our government is formed, these six promises will become laws. First is the Mahalakshmi Scheme – Rs 2,500 (will be transferred) every month to the bank accounts of women. As soon as the government of the Congress party comes, gas cylinders will cost Rs 500. The Congress government will provide free bus travel for women in all of Telangana.”
He further said that the Congress government would protect the interests of the farmers.
“The farmers would receive Rs 15,000 every year per acre. 24-hour electricity would be provided to farmers free of cost. Labourers would get Rs 12,000 every year. Congress government would provide Rs 5 lakh to the poor for building houses in their bank account. Those who lost their life in the Telangana agitation would get a plot. Congress would provide them 250 sq yard plot. For the youths we are going to provide Vidya Bharosa card in which we will provide Rs 5 lakh for funding college and coaching,” he added.
He further said that in every mandal in the state the Congress would open Telangana International School with better facilities compared to private schools.
“For senior citizens, Congress is going to introduce the ‘Cheyutha’ scheme in which Rs 4000 would be given every month in their bank account. The amount of money stolen by the KCR government the same amount would be transferred to the bank account of the poor,” he added.
The state of Telangana is set to undergo assembly polls on November 30. The ruling BRS, Congress, and BJP are the main contestants in the state. The counting of votes will take place on December 3. (ANI)