Hyderabad Customs Department recovered 259 grams of gold worth Rs 15.76 lakhs during a check up here at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) on Friday, officials said.
The official further informed that the seized gold was hidden in boxes of cream.
“We have recovered gold of 259 gms valued Rs 15.76 lakhs concealed in boxes of cream in checked-in luggage from a passenger coming from Kuwait,” said, Hyderabad Airport Customs.
“Further investigation into the matter is underway,” the official said.
More details are awaited.

A month ago, Customs  seized 412 grams of gold estimated to be worth Rs 24.92 lakhs during a check-up at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad city, as per officials.
On August 12, Hyderabad Customs in four separate cases foiled a smuggling racket, arrested four passengers and seized eight kilograms of smuggled gold worth Rs 4.86 crore at RGIA, officials said.
The officials said that in the first case, an amount of 2 Kg of cut gold bars valued at Rs 1,21,34,000 crore was found concealed in the trousers of a passenger who arrived from Bangkok.
Similarly, in the second case an amount of 1.78 Kg of cut gold bars, valued at Rs 1,08,81,165 crore had been discreetly hidden within the clothing of a passenger that arrived on the same flight as the first case from Bangkok.
In the third case, gold in the paste form valued at Rs 1,31,77,524 crore was recovered from a passenger that arrived from Sharjah, said officials.
In the same manner, in the fourth case, 2.05 Kg gold in the form of paste valued at Rs 1,24,31,283 crore was found concealed in the undergarments of a passenger that arrived from Dubai.
Accordingly, a total of 8 kilograms of smuggled gold valued at Rs 4.86 crores was seized and all the four accused were arrested under the provisions of the Customs Act, officials said last month (ANI)