Four women died after the family planning surgery failed at a government hospital in Rangareddy’s Ibrahimpatnam, Director of Public Health (DPH), Dr G Srinivasa Rao said on Tuesday.

Speaking to media persons, Dr Rao said, “Four women have died while undergoing family planning surgery. Four of the 34 women who underwent surgery at the Ibrahimpatnam family planning operation program experienced problems.”

The remaining 30 women’s health was stable, the doctor said.

“The government has already requested an investigation within seven days, we will conduct a full investigation. All post-mortem procedures for these women will be finished soon,” Rao said.

“I will ensure proper investigation will be taken, there will be thoroughly transparent and credible inquiry will be conducted,” he said.
Following the incident, doctors who conducted the surgery have been suspended temporarily.

The sterilisation camp is a routine activity where skilled medical professionals perform surgeries. The surgeons who performed the operations had extensive training. “We are looking into the exact reasons that led to the four fatalities,” Dr Rao said.

He further said, “It is not the first time we conducted such procedures. We have done detailed procedures at more than 500 different circumstances locations annually before. As a result, we have not yet found anything or reached a conclusion.”

However, “we will absolutely be able to identify the cause within the next week. The thorough report will be submitted to the government soon,” he added. (ANI)