Toxic foam in the Ayanpappakudi canal overflowed and spread over the surplus channels of the Avaniyapuram and Vellaikal tanks, posing a threat to road commuters on the adjacent roads.
The foam was also alleged to rise from the channel, fly onto the road and obstruct the vision of the commuters.

Residents alleged that the water in the channel increased after recent rains, and the sewage water released from the Vellaikal treatment plant and nearby dyeing units is the reason behind the formation of a thick layer of foam in the channel.
The residents have demanded that the public works department (PWD) or the civic body install barriers or raise the parapet wall height to prevent the foam from reaching the road and posing a threat to commuters.
The Ayanpappakudi canal is an irrigation canal in Tamil Nadu. The canal’s water mixed with toxic chemical sediments on the surface, raising concerns among residents of the area.

Toxic foam can pose a threat to human health and safety. The release of poorly treated or even completely untreated sewage is responsible for the frothing and foaming of the river water.
Surfactants and phosphates that originate from detergents used in households and industrial laundries, when released in the river untreated, create the foam.
Earlier this year, a thick layer of toxic foam was seen on the surface of Indrayani river waters in Maharashtra’s Pune, which raised serious concern among local residents and devotees of the Warkari community.
Local residents and devotees near Siddheshwar Ghat alleged that pollution in the Indrayani river exists and has been continuing for the last 10 years but no action has been taken yet by the administration.
Due to river pollution, many health issues have arisen, especially for the devotees who start their day with holy baths in the river, the locals have alleged.
The locals further alleged that due to pollution, they are forced to stop their daily rituals as it is causing them many skin diseases.
People from the nearby villages also said that due to pollution in the river, they face the problems of mosquitoes and a foul smell in the air. (ANI)