The Madurai Metro Rail Project will submit a detailed report of its plan and state of implementation to the Tamil Nadu government on July 15, the Madurai Metro Rail Project Director Arjunan said on Tuesday.

“The detailed project report is 90 per cent complete. We will file the detailed report on July 15,” the Madurai Metro Rail Project Director Arjunan said.
Speaking in detail about the project, Arjunan said, “8,500 crores has been earmarked for the implementation of the metro rail project for a distance of 31 km from Tirumangalam to Madurai Othakkadi. Today, officials are inspecting the possibilities of starting the works.”
On the status of the project, he said, “We have already completed the soil survey and local traffic survey. We are planning an underground station with three entrances to Madurai railway station.” (ANI)