Tamil Nadu BJP state president K. Annamalai slammed the DMK government for the deterioration of medical infrastructure under its rule in the state.
In a tweet, Annamalai pointed to a recent incident where a man lost his baby due to the lack of timely medical attention.
He alleged that there were no ambulances available to take the man’s wife to the hospital in time and later, the baby’s body was handed over in a cardboard box by a government hospital in Chennai.
“With the Health Minister busy with conducting marathons & defending the Chief Minister’s blunders, a once sought-after medical infrastructure in the country has today hit rock bottom under the Corrupt DMK Govt & will soon reach a point of no return,” Annamalai posted on X.
The BJP leader further stated that brushing aside such incidents by announcing compensation or a namesake suspension is not an answer to the agony faced by people dependent on government hospitals.

He demanded immediate action from the government to improve the healthcare infrastructure in the state.
“There were no ambulances to take his wife to the hospital on time & later, the mortal remains of his baby were handed over in a carton box by a Government Hospital in Chennai. The State Government should realise that brushing this aside by announcing compensation or a namesake suspension is not an answer to the agony faced by people dependent on Government hospitals, and constructive steps to improve medical infra are the need of the hour,” Tamil Nadu BJP Chief posted on X.
Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu government organised 16,516 special medical camps and treated 7.83 lakh people.
“Following Northeast Monsoon, the total number of medical camps so far conducted is 16,516 camps across Tamil Nadu. This is historic, as there have never been this many medical camps that have been conducted. In these medical camps, 7 lakh, 83 thousand, and 443 people have benefited,” said Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian on Sunday.
He said that due to these special medical camps, diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria – mosquito-borne viral diseases are under control.
“As we are conducting medical camps continuously, dengue fever is under control. Even chikungunya and malaria are also under control this year,” added the Tamil Nadu Health Minister. (ANI)