The Delhi Police arrested the second accused on Thursday in connection with the Delhi Bhajanpura murder case, said an official.
While speaking to ANI Deputy Commissioner of Police Northeast Delhi, Joy N Tirkey informed further that efforts were on to nab the remaining three accused involved in the case.
“We arrested an accused named Bilal last night. The interrogation is ongoing. Another accused has been arrested by the Special Cell. Our team is constantly working hard to catch the remaining three, who are still at large. There was no such motive, but the accused shot the victim after an argument broke out between them (road rage). There is no such established gang among the accused. Further investigation is underway.
Earlier in the day, the Delhi Police arrested one person in connection with the Delhi Bhajanpura murder case.
According to the police, the arrested person was identified as 18-year-old Bilal Gani, alias Mallu, a Bhajanpura resident. He was apprehended by the Special Cell of Delhi Police near the Signature Bridge around 2 am on Thursday.
The police stated further that around 11.40 pm on August 23, Gani and his associates intercepted two people travelling on a motorbike in the Bhajanpura area and shot one of them dead in a suspected case of road rage.
The deceased, 36-year-old Harpreet Gill from Bhajanpura, was a senior manager at a private firm. He was shot in the head and was declared dead at JPC Hospital. Another person, Govind Singh (32), the victim’s uncle, is being treated for a gunshot injury to his head.

The eldest of five siblings, the accused 18-year-old worked at a welding shop in North Ghonda, Bhajanpura, police said.
Further, according to the police, Bilal is no stranger to crime, as in 2022 he was involved in a murder in Bhajanpura and another incident in the same area in which he, along with his associates, robbed a scooter.
However, since he was a minor at the time of the commission of both crimes, he was committed to a children’s observation home and came out in no time, police said.
On August 29, he and his four other associates — Mohd. Sameer alias Maya (18 years), Sohail alias Bawarchi (23 years), Mohd Junaid alias Biryani (23 years), and Adnan alias Don (age 19 years)—were at a party at Sameer’s house in the North Ghonda area of Bhajanpura, police said.
Around 10.30 pm on August 29, all five decided to step out for a ride, police said, adding that Sameer, alias Maya, was carrying a pistol.
Riding two motorbikes, they drove into the narrow bylanes of Bhajanpura, the police informed further, adding that they stopped at a few places and finally drove into Gali No. 8/4, Subhash Vihar, Bhajanpura. The lane was so narrow that two bikes couldn’t pass without one squeezing to one side and letting the other pass through.
Incidentally, Harpreet Gill (36) and Govind Singh (32) were riding in from the other side of the narrow lane. Even as the three sets of riders tried to make space for each other, Bilal and his associates suddenly turned aggressive, police said.
Junaid got off his bike and slapped Govind Singh, the police informed further, adding that as the latter and Harpreet tried to speak with the youths, Mohd. Sameer opened fire from close range, shooting both Harpreet and Govind in the head.
The youths fled the spot as the two men fell to the ground, the police added. (ANI)