Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday hit out at the Congress leadership, accusing it of indulging in ‘dynastic’ politics and said that the grand old party strives to ‘punish’ its leader Sachin Pilot for his father’s revolt against high command in 1996.
Addressing a public rally in Bhilwara’s Shahpura of Rajasthan, PM Modi said that the Congress party has a feeling of rancour for his son- Sachin Pilot as his father Rajesh Pilot
“You know the history of Congress. Whomsoever tries to raise his voice against wrongdoings in the party, he will lose political space because of the high command sitting in Delhi. Rajesh Pilot, only once raised his voice against Congress and that too for the betterment of the Congress, but the party is punishing Sachin Pilot to the date. Rajesh Pilot is no more but Congress is with a feeling of rancour for his son- Sachin Pilot,” The PM said.
Notably, Congress leader Rajesh Pilot was considered to be one of the few in the party’s governing body who argued against putting forth Sonia Gandhi as the party’s prime ministerial candidate.
The Gehlot-Sachin Pilot feud cropped up soon after the Congress’s 2018 victory in Rajasthan, over the chief minister’s post.
Though Pilot agreed to play second fiddle to the veteran, he revolted in 2020.
In 1996, Narasimha Rao resigned from the President’s post and made way for Sitaram Kesri, who had previously served as the party’s treasurer for nearly two decades.
Veterans Sharad Pawar and Rajesh Pilot challenged Kesri and lost.
In December 1997, Sonia announced her decision to campaign for the Congress in the 1998 elections and became active within the party. A year later, she expressed her willingness for the post and Kesri was removed in a bloodless coup.
However, the PM today further sharpened his attack on the Congress party and said that a big danger is hovering over Rajasthan’s culture due to the path of polarisation taken by Congress.
“A big danger is hovering over Rajasthan’s culture. The road that the Congress has taken for polarisation will lead Rajasthan towards devastation,” the PM said.
Of the seven constituencies in Bhilwara-Asind, Bhilwara, Jahazpur, Mandal, Mandalgarh, Sahada and Shahpura-BJP secured victories in five in the 2018 assembly polls while Congress bagged two (Mandal and Sahara).
Asind, Bhilwara and Shahpura constituencies are considered BJP strongholds, having brought the party consistent victories. BJP has maintained a winning streak in Bhilwara since 2003, with Congress briefly breaking it in 1998. (ANI)