Ahead of the Rajasthan Assembly elections scheduled to be held on November 25, prominent Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Friday appealed to people to vote for his party to ensure its victory with full majority which will mark an end to the trend of alternating governments of Congress and the BJP in the state.
Former Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Pilot in a video message which was posted by Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot on X, urged people to elect the Congress government to the power to ‘maintain the progress of the state’.
“Rajasthan Assembly elections are going to be held on November 25. We have conducted several campaigns in the run-up to the polls and the feedback and response from the public suggest that Congress is going to form the government in the state with full majority. The tradition of the alternate governance of BJP and Congress will change this time and once again people will vote for Congress,” Pilot said.

The Congress leader also alleged that the BJP intends to scrap the schemes and policies launched by the Ashok Ghekot government for the state.
“We have done hundreds of rallies but there are some areas that have been left and I want to make a humble appeal to you to vote for Congress and ensure the victory of every candidate of the party to maintain the progress of the state and to uphold the tradition of moving forward together with the feeling of unity,” Pilot further said.
He also said that the victory of the Congress in this assembly elections will mark a victory of the people.
“The victory will mark the victory for Congress and for the people. We will not let the BJP’s intention that is to scrap the policies and schemes launched by the Congress, be successful,” he added.
On Thursday, the high-voltage election campaigning wrapped up in Rajasthan.
Under the Rajasthan Assembly Elections-2023, voting will be held on November 25 in 199 assembly constituencies of the state. All preparations for voting in the districts have been completed. A total of 5,26,90,146 voters will decide the fate of the candidates at a total of 51,507 polling stations in the assembly constituencies.
1,70,99,334 young voters in the 18-30 age group will vote, including 22,61,008 new voters in the 18-19 age group.
In 2018, the Congress won 99 seats, while the BJP won 73. Gehlot assumed the CM position with the support of BSP MLAs and independents. (ANI)