Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hit out at the ruling Congress government in Rajasthan and lashed out at chief minister Ashok Gehlot for his remarks in connection with crimes against women in the state.
He also alleged that the Congress was anti-poor, anti-farmer and anti-women and under Gehlot the state had become number one in crimes against women.
Addressing a public rally in Pali, PM Modi said, “Congress has made Rajasthan number one in crimes against women. The CM says that the complaints filed by the women are fake. Can it ever happen that a woman in our country files a fake case?. The CM should say that a probe is underway, and not that the cases filed are fake. Isn’t this an insult to women?”
The Prime Minister highlighted that wherever there is a BJP government, efforts are made to ensure that the schemes of the Central Government are implemented on the ground quicker or the state governments of the BJP add something to it.
“The anti-farmer and anti-poor government of the Congress will never take any initiative in favour of the poor or the farmers,” PM Modi said, in his latest attack on the grand old party.
Addressing the rally, the prime minister said that under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, the BJP-ruled State governments provide Rs 6,000 to farmers additionally from their side.
PM Modi said “…the BJP leaders in Rajasthan too have resolved that after the BJP government is formed, farmrs in the state will get Rs 6000 more.”
Lashing out at the Congress and its ‘Ghamandia’ (arrogant) INDIA bloc alliance over remarks against ‘Sanatan Dharma’, the PM said, “This is not the first time that they have insulted Sanatan Dharma. The people of this country know what they have said”.
He alleged that Dalits are being “targeted” under the “protection” of the Congress party.
“You see what kind of language they are using against the Dalits and the women,” PM Modi asked the crowd, largely comprising of women.
“Ever since the law giving reservation to women ‘Narishakti Vandan Act’ was passed, they have started a campaign against women. The leaders of the arrogant alliance have made very objectionable comments about our mothers and sisters,” PM Modi said.
Referring to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s remarks in the Bihar Assembly on birth control, the PM said, “He is the Chief Minister of that State. He used such crude language against a former Chief Minister of the State belonging to the Dalit community. A responsible citizen can’t even use such a language in a conversation”.
PM Modi also attacked the Congress for not condemning Nitish Kumar for his remarks.
“Not a single Congress leader said it was a strong statement and did not come forward to condemn him,” PM Modi said.
Rajasthan goes to polls on November 25. (ANI)