Coolers, water sprinklers, and seasonal summer fruits like watermelon, melon and cucumber, drinks like cold milk and ‘sattu’, and treats like ice cream are some of the special arrangements Jaipur’s Nahargarh Biological Park has made to help the animals and birds beat the sweltering summer heat.
The diet of the animals has also been changed. Tigers are being provided cold milk while ice creams, ‘sattu’, and honey are being given to bears. Watermelon, melon, and cucumber have been included in the diet of deer, hippo, and chital.

Jagdish Sharma, Ranger, Nahargarh Biological Park talked about the various measures that are being taken to protect the animals from heatwaves.
“Special arrangements are being made to protect the animals from heatwaves. We are installing green nets and sprinklers for them. We are also making arrangements for water coolers and shades… and taking special care of their diet to maintain their body temperature and increase their immunity,” Jagdish Sharma told.

Speaking about the changes in the diet of the animals amid the rising temperature, he said, “We are paying special attention to the diet of the animals. To maintain a normal body temperature and immunity level of the animals, we are providing bears ice cream prepared from fruits, fresh fruits, honey, and sattu. Seasonal fruits like watermelon and cucumber are being given to deer, hippo, and chital.”

“To protect the panther, leopard, deer, bear, fox, and baboon from the scorching heat, water sprinklers were installed outside their cages, while coolers have been installed in the cages of tiger and lions,” he added.
Nahargarh Biological Park, a part of the Nahargarh sanctuary, encompasses a large area of 720 hectares and is situated under the Aravalli range in Jaipur.
The Nahargarh Zoological Park houses animals such as Asiatic lions, Bengal tigers, panthers, hyenas, wolves, deer, crocodiles, sloth bear, Himalayan black bear, wild boar, etc. (ANI)