Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his remarks on the Agnipath scheme, saying that he always questions the valour of the army.
“From the very beginning, the thinking of Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi is worrying for the country. He always questions the valor of the army, and questions the Agniveer scheme. I hope he will correct his mistake after coming to Madhya Pradesh,” CM Yadav told ANI.
This comes after Rahul Gandhi claimed that the Indian Army was against the idea of the Agnipath scheme adding that this policy was a brainchild of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and all decisions regarding it were taken in the Prime Minister’s Office.
Congress in its manifesto for the Lok Sabha polls has promised to abolish the Agnipath Scheme and return to the normal recruitment processes followed by the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
“It will guarantee economic and social security for our soldiers,” the manifesto read.

Meanwhile, reacting to the controversy surrounding Doordarshan’s logo change, CM Mohan Yadav hoped that Congress would apologize to the people of Doordarshan for the words they have used.
“There is shame, laughter, and anger at Congress and the leftist thinking. Now Congress has objection to saffron color. What does Congress want? The leftist and opposition parties do not understand that saffron is a symbol of our sacrifice. If there is such opposition to the saffron color, then they should remove it from their flags as well. I hope that Congress will apologize to the people of Doordarshan for the words they have used,” he said.
Public service broadcaster Doordarshan on Tuesday changed its logo from ruby red to saffron.
Announcing the change, DD News in a post on X, wrote, “While our values remain the same, we are now available in a new avatar. Get ready for a new journey like never before.. Experience the all-new DD News! We have the courage to put: Accuracy over speed Facts over claims Truth over sensationalism. Because if it is on DD News, it is the truth!”
The channel’s move was heavily criticized by the opposition parties sparking the ‘saffronization’ debate. (ANI)