Senior Punjab Congress opposition leader Partap Singh Bajwa filed a petition in the High Court saying that he does not get coverage during his address in the Vidhan Sabha, whereas all the leaders of Aam Aadmi party gets full media coverage
“The Leader of Opposition of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha made a representation to the Speaker regarding unfair representation given to the members of the opposition during the Live Telecast of House Proceedings. It is pertinent to mention here that the camera when an MLA of the opposition is speaking is unfocused and does not show the entirety of the opposition MLA’s speech. In comparison, when the Speaker, Chief Minister and all AAP MLA’s are speaking, the camera is focused and the entirety of the audio is picked up, as well as the camera zooming into the AAP speaker to make it clear who is speaking”, the petition read.
The petition also said that a detailed letter was sent by the petitioner to the speaker, highlighting the anomalies that arose in the live broadcast of the Vidhan Sabha.

The plea further mentioned that in the live telecast of the proceedings of Vidhan Sabha, several attempts were made to downplay the opposition.
“Sincere efforts were made to bring to attention that Unfair Live Telecast proceedings of the house are being televised in which apparent preference is given to the treasury benches and an indirect attempt is made to downplay the role of opposition”, the petition read.
The petition further mentioned that no concrete resolution was propounded even after the issue was raised in the Vidhan Sabha. (ANI)