The Border Security Force (BSF) has seized a packet of suspected heroin in the Nagalamb Village of Punjab’s Amritsar district, an official release said on Friday.
According to an official release from the Public Relations Officer (PRO), “The BSF intelligence unit reported suspicious movement involving two unidentified individuals carrying narcotics in the border area of Amritsar district on March 28, 2024.”
“Responding promptly, BSF troops reached the scene, but the suspects managed to flee. Despite their escape, BSF troops conducted a thorough search and recovered one packet with a gross weight of 1.140 kg suspected to contain heroin, wrapped in brown adhesive tape, near Shamshan Ghat, Village Nagalamb in Amritsar,” read the release.
Through reliable information and the vigilance of BSF troops, another attempt to smuggle narcotics across the Punjab border was thwarted, it added.

Earlier on Thursday, BSF recovered a DJI Mavic 3 model near Dauke village in Amritsar district, the BSF stated in an official release.

“On March 28, at approximately 06:40 pm, vigilant BSF troops detected unusual sounds near their duty post in the border area of Amritsar district.”
“Acting swiftly, BSF troops initiated a thorough search operation in the suspected area. During the search, they successfully located and recovered a small quadcopter drone (DJI Mavic 3) from a farming field near Dauke village in Amritsar district,” the BSF said.

Earlier on March 27, BSF received intelligence regarding narcotics smuggling activities by certain miscreants using drones near Naushera Dhalla village in the border area of Tarn Taran district.
Upon receiving this specific information, BSF troops promptly responded and rushed to the suspected area. They observed two suspected individuals sitting at a playground near Naushera Dhalla village.
Upon seeing BSF troops, the miscreants fled, leaving behind some belongings. Despite BSF troops’ pursuit, the suspects managed to escape.
During the search of the area, BSF troops successfully recovered 01 packet of heroin (weighing 530 grams, wrapped in yellow adhesive tape), one motorcycle, and two mobile phones. This recovery occurred near Naushera Dhalla village, Tarn Taran district a release from the BSF said. (ANI)