Opposition MPs on Friday gave adjournment notices in both houses of Parliament to press for discussion on situation in Manipur.
They have also been demanding a statement in Parliament from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Manipur violence.
Congress MPs Manish Tewari and Manickam Tagore gave notices for adjournment motion to discuss the situation in Manipur.
In his notice, Tewari sought permission to move a motion for the adjournment of the business of the House to discuss “definite matter of urgent importance”. “This House do suspend Zero Hour, Question Hour, and other Businesses of the Day to have a discussion regarding ongoing ethnic clashes taking place in Manipur,” the notice said.
“The violence has resulted in death, displacement and breakdown of political machinery. It has completely damaged the economic, and social fabric of the state, thereby triggering an internal crisis in the North-East. I, therefore, urge the Government to inform the House of the situation in Manipur, the attempts made by the Government to mediate peace between the concerned stakeholders, and the policies which the government envisages to prevent such an unfortunate incident from reoccurring,” he added.

AAP MP Sanjay Singh, and RJP MP Manoj Kumar Jha gave  suspension of business notice under Rule 267 in Rajya Sabha, demanding discussion on Manipur situation.
“I would like to move a motion for adjournment of the business of the House under Rule 267 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Rajya Sabha to discuss the ethnic violence that has been going on for more than two months,” Kumar said.
He said that 140 people have died, several thousands have been injured, 60,000 have been displaced, and scores of houses, churches and villages have been burned and destroyed.
“Besides, the horrifying images of women being paraded naked has shaken the conscience of the entire nation. The gruesome violence continues unabated till today and instances of attacks on innocent tribal villages have not stopped. It is in this context that I place my request before you under Rule-267 to allow us to discuss the matter mentioned in the subject-line by suspending all other business listed for the day,” Jha added.
Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MP K Keshava Rao has also gave suspension of business notice under Rule 267 in Rajya Sabha, demanding a discussion over the issue.
The first day of Monsoon session witnessed din and adjournments over Manipur issue. (ANI)