A police inspector from the Umerkote police station in the Nabarangpur district was arrested by the Odisha Vigilance Directorate for demanding and accepting a bribe worth Rs 20,000 from a complainant.

The police inspector has been identified as Sri Limaraj Pradhan, Additional Inspector in charge of the Umerkote police station, who got paid off by the complainant on Sunday night in return for not taking any action against him in a family dispute.

The bribe money has been recovered from the possession of the inspector and confiscated.

A case under section 7 PC (Amendment) Act-2018 has been registered in the Koraput Vigilance Police Station with case number 21/2022.

To evade the CCTV cameras, Sri Pradhan asked the complainant to give him the bribe at a solitary location.

However, the Vigilance Team comprising one Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), three inspectors, and other staff caught him after he tried to flee to a nearby bushy area.
He tried to engage in a scuffle to free himself but was overpowered by the Vigilance team.

Further investigation against Sri Pradhan is underway. (ANI)