Nazir Ahmad Dar, a farmer from the Gangu area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district, has achieved a remarkable feat by growing mushrooms in sub-zero temperatures during the winter season.
Pulwama is famous for the production of milk, saffron, vegetables, apples and paddy and now mushroom cultivation has also become a profitable venture for the local people.
Despite heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures during winters in the Kashmir valley, Nazir Ahmed built a mushroom growing unit and successfully cultivated mushrooms.
“This is the result of my tireless hard work and useful advice from the Agriculture Department experts,” he said.

It may be recalled that Nazir Ahmed started his mushroom farming business in 2018 and since then he has been receiving guidance from the Department of Agriculture. Although he has set up this unit privately, he is regularly advised by officers attached to the department. This year they have established 54 different units.
In February, Nazir Ahmed took an experimental step of mushroom cultivation in winter which proved successful. He revealed that they can grow three mushroom crops, while only two crops are traditionally grown in the Kashmir Valley.
Pulwama Mushroom Development Officer Shaukat Ahmed said that Nazir Ahmed’s private initiative has the potential to further increase his income.
“This successful experience has paved the way for other farmers in the valley. Our department endeavours to bring innovation in Kathi Bari to double the income of farmers,” he said.
Now, mushroom cultivation has become an additional source of income for the local people of the Pulwama district, adding to its already diverse and flourishing agriculture sector. (ANI)