Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told officials during the Janata Darshan on Saturday that solving the problems of the public is the government’s top priority and that any negligence or laxity in this regard would not be tolerated.
He said that officials should address people’s problems promptly and satisfactorily, with seriousness and empathy.
During the Janata Darshan held at Gorakhnath Temple, the Chief Minister went to the people, who were seated on chairs in front of the Digvijayanath Smriti Bhavan on the temple premises, one by one and heard them out patiently.
He met with nearly 200 people and assured them of all help in resolving their issues. He said, “No one should worry as all your issues will be resolved as soon as possible”.
Several women had come to the Janata Darshan with issues related to land disputes. Some had problems with disputes over their domestic land, while others complained about thugs trying to occupy their lands.

In response to these complaints, the Chief Minister directed officials to try to get family property disputes resolved through negotiations between both parties first. He said that if that does not work, it should be resolved through legal means.
The Chief Minister directed officials to take strict action against those involved in illegal encroachment of land.
The Chief Minister said: “Identify those involved in professional land grabbing as land mafias and take strict action against them. Take stern against those who attempt to seize land belonging to any poor to deter such elements”, he said.
Besides, some people sought financial aid from the Chief Minister for the treatment of serious illnesses. CM Yogi assured them that no one’s treatment would be halted due to a lack of funds.
He directed the administration to expedite the estimation process for the medical expenses of the concerned patients and make it available to the government as soon as possible. He said that funds for treatment would be released as soon as the estimate is received.
Furthermore, CM Yogi blessed children who were present with their mothers at the Janata Darshan and gave them chocolates. (ANI)