Purported posters reading “wanted corruption Nath” was put up in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal against Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Friday.
The purported posters have been spotted in the Manisha Market area in Bhopal. There is a also QR code in the poster after scanning it, it shows information about the alleged scams of the Congress government. It is also written in the poster that Nath has done scams during his rule.

Kamal Nath reacted to the posters reading ‘wanted corruption Nath’ put up against him in Bhopal.
He said, “No one can humiliate me and there is no case of corruption against me, everyone knows this…Today they don’t have anything to say against me so they are doing this. I don’t need any certificate from BJP because the people are witnesses.”

Reacting to the matter, the media advisor of the Congress party, Piyush Babele tweeted, “By putting up objectionable posters of Nath, the BJP has shown that it can go to any low level in the politics. The attempt to tarnish the image of the person, who has served Madhya Pradesh for the last 44 years, is an attack on the pride of Madhya Pradesh. It is an insult to Madhya Pradesh. This is an insult to the service to the state. This is an insult to the goal of making a golden Madhya Pradesh. This is an insult to those crores of people in whose heart Nath resides.”
“I demand from Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to take action, arrest those who put up such posters and punish them. If they fail to do so, then it will be clear to the people of Madhya Pradesh that all this work is being done at their (BJP) behest,” he further wrote.
Reacting to the allegations, BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma said that BJP had nothing to do with such posters. It is the result of internal factionalism in the congress.
“It is the result of internal factionalism in the Congress and it has been going on for many years. The dispute of Kamal Nath vs Govind Singh is going on, similarly, the dispute of Kamal Nath vs Arun Yadav, Kamal Nath vs Ajay Singh, Kamal Nath vs Digvijay Singh are going on. Therefore, whatever is said about Kamal Nath is said by the Congress only.”
“When Kamal Nath was the Chief Minister, even at that time any allegation was made, then his ministers used to make allegations. So whatever Congress is suffering, it is showing through its posters. We have nothing to do with such posters. It is, however, right that there is truth in the poster,” Sharma added.
Meanwhile, reacting to Nath poster row, state home minister Narottam Mishra said, “What allegation will the Congress raise against the BJP, they would not bring a single proof. During the 15 months of the Kamal Nath-led Congress government in the state, Vallabh Bhawan (state secretariat) had become a den of corruption.” (ANI)