On the occasion of ‘International Mother’s Day, a ‘saree walkathon’ was organised by Gujarat’s Rajkot Police on Sunday.
Around 3,000 women participated in the city’s first-ever ‘Saree Walkathon’, aimed at celebrating Mother’s Day and promoting the local saree attire of Bandhani and Patola.
The event which was organised by Rajkot Police along with 25 organisations, covered a distance of three kilometres before concluding at the starting point at the city’s Police headquarter. Only women and girls dressed in sarees were allowed to participate.

Rajkot Police Commissioner Rajubhai Bhargav expressed his gratitude to the women of Rajkot for taking part in it and spreading the message of motherhood on Mother’s Day.
“Saree Walkathon has been organised here today. Around 3,000 women have registered for the event and women from Rajkot and also from various clubs and organisations have come to take part and have promoted saree of patola and Bandhani brand as well,” said Rajubhai Bhargav, Police Commissioner Rajkot.
During the ‘Saree Walkathon’ various women holding the national flag took part in the event and made the occasion worth attending by expressing their gratitude towards the organisation and also branding the patola and bandhani sarees as well.
They also believed that women look more beautiful in a saree than in any Western outfit as well. (ANI)