All India Congress Committee (AICC) Incharge North East, Ajoy Kumar on Friday alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party is doing politics based on religion and said that Manipur is a trailer and if the party continues to spread hatred then there could be Manipur-like situation across the country.
speaking to , Kumar said, “Manipur is a trailer, if you (BJP) continue to spread hatred, you’ll have a Manipur-like situation across the country.”
He also said that if the party wants to win, they can but there’s no need to divide the country.
“If you want to win, you can but do not divide the country by spreading hatred,” he added.

Congress MP Manish Tewari also expressed his discontent regarding the stopping of Rahul Gandhi’s convoy on his way to Manipur’s Churachandpur on Thursday and said that it is unfortunate that his tour was subverted in this manner.

Hitting out at BJP, Tiwari said that except for the Home Minister, no other minister has shown the courtesy to visit Manipur, if a senior opposition leader has gone there, the government should have facilitated his tour.
Talking to ANI, Tiwari said, “It is unfortunate that Rahul Gandhi’s tour was subverted in this manner. Except for the Home Minister, no minister in the government has even shown the courtesy to visit Manipur. If a senior leader of the opposition has gone there to provide a healing touch, the government should have facilitated his tour”.
Rahul Gandhi’s convoy, which was on its way to Manipur’s Churachandpur was stopped by local police at a check post near Bishnupur, which is about 20 kilometres from the State capital Imphal.
Rahul Gandhi was forced to make his way back to the State capital a short while later after local police prevented his carcade from proceeding to Churachandpur, where the Congress leader was headed to meet with victims of ethnic violence.
Police, party workers and locals staged a protest and later, police used tear gas to disperse the crowd.
Manipur Congress president, Keisham Meghachandra informed that the Congress leader arrived in Moirang on Friday to meet people affected due to violence in the state. He will also meet 10 like-minded party leaders and members of civil society organisations in Imphal.
“Rahul Gandhi will meet all the affected families and visit the relief camps in Moirang. After that, he will be back in Imphal. At Imphal Hotel he will meet civil society organisation leaders, United Naga Council’s leaders, 10 like-minded political parties and women leaders. He is here only for peace,” Meghachandra said. (ANI)