Children of Awali village risk their lives daily to reach their school as they cross the Chulband River in overcrowded boats.

In Awali village, there are schools, but they provide education up to class 4.
Hence, from Class 5 onwards, children are compelled to take boats to reach a school located in the Soni Village across the river.
Additionally, during the monsoon season, the students often miss school as the river gets flooded, making it difficult for them to cross it.
Construction work on a bridge over the Chulband River started six months back, but it is still not complete.
Bhagat Gaike, a primary teacher in Awali village told ANI that there is a movement of around 100-150 people on an everyday basis, and apart from this around 30-40 students cross the river.
“The movement happens through boats and hence risk is involved…The movement of students is reduced during rain. We also face several problems using boats. There is a risk to life as well. Every day there is a movement of around 100-150 people and apart from this around 30-40 students also cross it,” said Gaike.

Mayur Meshram, a 9th-standard student, said that he feels scared while crossing the river.
“Crossing the river on a boat on a daily basis is risky. I feel scared. My clothes are ruined every day due to the mud but I am forced to do so for the sake of my studies”, said Meshram.

He added, “We need the bridge on an urgent basis so that we can reach our school easily.”
Notably, as the monsoon engulfed most parts of the country, the Indian Meteorological Department, on Friday, issued a yellow alert for Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Raigarh, and other districts of Maharashtra.
The weather department also released a warning till July 18. (ANI)