Following the success of 11 international and 8 domestic roadshows, the Vibrant Gujarat 2024 delegation concluded the Indore roadshow on Tuesday.
Distinguished industry figures, along with officials from the Gujarat government, were in attendance on this occasion.
Ahead of the roadshow, Kuberbhai Dindor, Gujarat Minister of Tribal Development, and Bhanuben Babariya, the Gujarat Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Women and Child Welfare held one-to-one interactions with 10 various representatives of industries.
During these interactions, he shared insights into the success of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit and emphasised how Gujarat has become a role model for development over the last two decades with a focus on facilitating business, robust infrastructure, and an enhanced quality of life.
Hailing the ties between Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, the minister mentioned that these states not only share geographical borders but also contribute significantly to India’s agricultural landscape.

He said, “Wheat, rice, cotton, millets, and pulses form the agricultural backbone of both regions, playing a pivotal role in their economies and the livelihoods of their people. Additionally, the rich cultural tapestry is woven by diverse tribal communities such as Bhils, Gamits, Gonds, and Baigas, each preserving their unique heritage. Over time, both states have embraced industrial growth, with Gujarat excelling in petrochemicals and manufacturing, while Madhya Pradesh focuses on pharmaceuticals, textiles, and food processing, contributing substantially to India’s economic landscape and thus accelerating to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Viksit Bharat @ 2047.”
Vibrant Gujarat has evolved into one of the most reputable global forums for business networking, knowledge sharing, and strategic partnerships aimed at inclusive socio-economic development.
“Today, global CEOs actively choose Gujarat as a destination to cultivate relationships with the local industry, brainstorm on innovative avenues for growth, and collaborate on investments, playing a pivotal role in driving the economic growth of the state,” he added.
The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit has played a key role, attracting an impressive USD 55 billion in foreign investments over the past two decades.
It has contributed to more than 33 per cent of India’s exports in the year 2022-23, the highest in the country and has the longest coastline, handling 40 per cent of India’s cargo movement.
Proactive measures and investor-friendly policies underscore Gujarat’s commitment to becoming a global hub for investments. (ANI)