Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav on Monday chaired a cabinet meeting held at Mantralaya in the state capital and gave necessary instructions for cow protection in the state during the meeting.
“Often during the rainy season, incidents of cows sitting on main roads and highways come to light and the cattle also suffer accidents. A system is required so that cows are not seen on the streets and for this a decision will be taken to increase the amount and honorarium for Gaushalas (cow shelters). Arrangements will be ensured for cattle with the best management,” CM Yadav said in the meeting.
If a cow dies then arrangements should be made for proper respectable cremation. Besides, attention will be given to make samadhi (mausoleum) or other arrangements to ensure that the remains of the cattle are not insulted, the CM added.
The Council of Ministers welcomed the instructions of the Chief Minister. The council of ministers said that the cooperation of social organisations should also be taken in this work. Following which the chief minister instructed the Animal Husbandry and Dairy Department to make necessary preparations for the same.
Minister Lakhan Patel said, “I will soon invite operators of cow shelters for a meeting and receive suggestions. CM Yadav gave instructions to organise the meeting this month itself. The CM said that city mayors and other public representatives should also be included in that meeting. Discussions were also held on better operation of cow sheds, control on the free movement of cows by cow herders, cooperation of the police and obtaining funds for infrastructure works from the central government in the cabinet meeting.”
Besides, ahead of the cabinet meeting the Council of Ministers expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the consecration of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya.
CM Mohan Yadav said, “The Prime Minister deserves a special congratulations for the Pran Pratishthan of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya. Shri Ramchandra Bhoomi Trust has also played an important role so it also deserves congratulations. Everyone respects our justice system. This work of Pran Pratishtha is also an example of strong will power, which has come before us.” (ANI)