Amidst the ongoing second phase of general elections, people residing in a remote area of Tripura’s Dhalai district chose boats as their mode of travel for exercising their franchise rights.

The Election Commission of India took to its official X handle and posted the photos of people coming by boats to cast their votes.
“Vote By Boat! Anchoring the choice: Voters of 44/68 Raima Valley AS remote area of Dhalai district, Tripura are coming to cast their votes by using boats,” the EC said in a post.

Meanwhile, there has been a substantial increase in voter turnout in Tripura, as the North-Eastern state recorded a 36.42 per cent voting percentage till 11:00 am, as per the Election Commission of India. Other states where there is high voter turnout are Chhattisgarh (35.47%), Manipur (33.32%), and West Bengal (31.25%).
Maharashtra is witnessing low voter turnout, as the state has recorded 18.83 per cent.
Voting percentages for other states participating in the second phase of the Lok Sabha polls till 11:00 am are Assam (27.43%), Bihar (21.68%), Jammu & Kashmir (26.61%), Karnataka (22.34%), Kerala (25.61%), Madhya Pradesh (28.15%), Rajasthan (26.84%), and Uttar Pradesh (24.41%).
The second phase has 88 Lok Sabha constituencies across 13 States/Union Territory including 13 in Rajasthan, 20 in Kerala, eight in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, five each in Assam and Bihar, six in Madhya Pradesh, three each in Chhattisgarh and West Bengal, and one each in Tripura, Manipur, and Jammu & Kashmir
With weather conditions predicted to be within normal ranges, voters can cast their vote comfortably. For the convenience of voters, meticulous arrangements have been made at all polling stations including facilities, to deal with hot weather conditions, according to the Election Commission.
According to the ECI, over 15.88 crore voters will be voting in the second phase which includes 8.08 crore male electors, 7.8 crore female electors, and 5929 third-gender electors.
A total of 4553 flying squads, 5731 static surveillance teams, 1462 video surveillance teams and 844 video viewing teams are keeping surveillance round the clock to strictly and swiftly deal with any form of inducement of voters across the 1.67 lakh polling stations, as per the ECI press note. (ANI)