Manohar Lal Khattar, former Haryana Chief Minister and BJP candidate from Karnal on Wednesday said that the party will win all the 10 Lok Sabha seats in the state and the lotus will bloom.
Speaking with ANI, Manohar Lal Khattar said, “Hundreds of people have come here in support… In this area, the BJP has been winning from the past three elections. This time, we will register a win with more votes than last time. We will win all the 10 Lok Sabha seats in Haryana…”
He added, “I have full faith that the lotus will bloom in all the constituencies of Karnal.”
While addressing a roadshow in Haryana’s Karnal, Khattar also took a jibe at the Congress party and criticised it for not doing any work.
He said, “…This is the election of the largest Panchayat in the nation… The Congress party has not done any work. That’s why they regret it. They have lost hope. You have to make us win all the 10 Lok Sabha seats in Haryana. This time, PM Modi has set a target to get more than 400 seats.”
He added, “The Congress people are asking when the BJP can form a government with 272 seats, then why do they need 400 seats? They are scared that if the government will be stronger, it will tighten the noose on corrupt people…”

On three independent Haryana MLAs withdrawing support from Haryana Govt, Khattar said nothing can be done about the independent candidates. “We can’t do anything about the independent candidates. Several leaders are standing in our support and they should keep their leaders safe, it will be known soon how many are in contact with us.”
He added, “Many people are also in contact with us, be it the main opposition party which has 30 members. What do they want to do with 30 members? Even if 30 members bring a no-confidence motion, nothing is going to happen. They don’t know how many leaders of the other parties will stand with us…”
Three independent MLAs withdrew their support to the BJP in Haryana amid the Lok Sabha polls and within two months of Nayab Singh Saini taking over as Chief Minister of the state.
The three MLAs — Sombir Sangwan (Charkhi Dadri), Randhir Golan (Pundri),and Dharampal Gondar (Nilokheri) – had said they have decided to withdraw support from the Saini government and extend support to the Congress during the elections.
In the House of 90, the BJP has 39 MLAs, the Congress has 30, the Jan Nayak Janata Party has 10, the Haryana Lokhit Party (HLP) has one, and the Indian National Lok Dal has one, along with seven Independents.
The BJP which had 41 MLAs initially was reduced to 39 when the Karnal and Rania seats fell vacant following the resignation of two MLAs.
Earlier six out of seven Independent MLAs used to support the BJP. With three Independents withdrawing their support, the BJP at present, has the support of three Independents and one HLP MLA, making it a government of 43 MLAs. (ANI)