Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, at a rally in Rajasthan’s Kota criticized the Congress government in the state on several issues, and said that the grand old party will inflict more damage on the state if remains at power.
In a public rally in Kota in poll-bound Rajasthan, PM Modi alleged that the rally by the banned outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) is being carried out with full police protection.
“PFI rally is being carried out in full police protection; the longer such a Congress government remains in power, the more damage it will inflict on Rajasthan,” the PM said.
The Popular Front of India (PFI) was banned by the Centre in September last year over its alleged links with terror activities and association with global terrorist organisations like ISIS.
Coming down heavily on the Congress government over the paper leak issue, PM Modi said that it is his guarantee that one involved in the paper leak, will be sent behind bars.
“Students from all across the country come to Kota for education purposes. Congress party has destroyed the dreams of the youth repeatedly in the last five years. Congress sold papers for all exams. I want to assure you the one involved in the paper leak, will be sent behind bars. This is the guarantee of PM Modi…” the PM added.
He further said that the countdown of the Congress government of Rajasthan has started.
“Jadugar (Ashok Gehlot) here can do magic from all over the world or even black magic, but no power will match the magic power of the people of Rajasthan. Therefore, before he realizes, Congress will be wiped out from here on December 3,” PM Modi said.
He also said that the people of the state have intense anger against the Ashok Gehlot government.
“I have never seen such intense anger against the Congress government in Rajasthan before. The youth of Rajasthan want freedom from Congress. Women, farmers, traders, businessmen and shopkeepers of Rajasthan all want freedom from Congress. These people are the people who will take the lead in creating a Congress-free India,” he said.
Prior to this, PM Modi addressed a public rally in Baran’s Anta wherein he called Ashok Gehlot a “jaadugar” (magician) and said that the latter is fading away with each turning page of the ‘red diary’.
“Nowadays, there is talk of the Red Diary and Jadugar ji’s face is fading away with each turning page of the Red diary. In this red dairy, it is clearly written how your land, water and forest have been sold out,” the PM said.
Notably, the BJP has been ramping up its charge that it has in its possession a “Red diary” that contains alleged incriminating material against the Ashok Gehlot-led government and his administration.
Out of the 200 assembly seats in the state, 199 will be contested on November 25 with the counting to take place on December 3. (ANI)