Having been caught red handed in the act of benefiting and providing undue financial favours to private DISCOMS, in the name of poor people, the AAP government and its functionaries are making baseless, false and misleading statements, an LG office source alleged on Saturday.
The source further said that the Chief Secretary submitted a report to the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as well as Delhi LG Vinai Kumar Saxena, pointing out that the Power Department is not following the statutory advice of Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) on “subsidies being paid to the DISCOMS.”
“If the DERC directive is followed, it will save the government Rs 300 Cr,” the source said, adding “Now that their scam of helping the DISCOMS to get kickbacks stands exposed, they are trying to somehow redeem themselves in the eyes of the people.”
He further said that the LG in none of his communication has even suggested, leaving apart from asking the AAP Government to withdraw subsidies to consumers.
The source also claimed that the then-Power Minister unilaterally decided not to follow the DERC directive and continued paying the extra Rs 300 Crore to DISCOMS even after the LG repeatedly asked for a subsidy to be given to the poor who are deserving, rather than to Private power companies.
“The then power minister was not authorised to take this decision- Cabinet being the appropriate authority to do so. LG in his note has asked CS to bring this violation to the notice of CM and get the Cabinet to decide on the issue,” the source added.
The source in the LG office also took a jibe at Power Minister Atishi and said that she can ask the CM for a copy of the report instead of making uninformed and false statements against LG.
“CM instead of attacking LG could see the report already with him, take notice of the violations done by the then Power Minister and rectify it through a Cabinet meeting,” he further said, adding that it will be better if the government stops misleading people behind fig leaves provided by withdrawn DERC orders, which were obviously withdrawn after the scam came to light.
On Friday, Power Minister Atishi raised the issue related to power subsidy in Delhi at the Vidhan Sabha and claimed that the Chief Secretary and senior officials of the Power Department in “connivance” with the LG, are trying to stop free electricity from being provided to the people of Delhi.

“The Chief Secretary and the senior officials of the Power Department are conspiring to negotiate a deal with power companies and provide them benefits on the directions of the LG. This whole conspiracy is being hatched to stop the people of Delhi from getting free electricity,” she said.
Atishi said that on March 10, she came to know through the media that the LG has sent a file related to 200 units of free electricity supply to the Chief Secretary.
“This file was to be presented before the Cabinet within 15 days. But it has neither reached the CM nor the Power Minister for discussion,’ Atishi claimed.
“For 14 days, instead of reaching the Chief Minister and the Power Minister, the concerned file is being circulated in the offices of the Chief Secretary and the Power Secretary. What are the officials trying to hide?” she asked.
The Power Minister said that she has repeatedly asked the Chief Secretary and the Power Secretary about this file but she received no answer.
“The question arises as to why this file has not reached the minister till now, but no answer has been received on this. This is a serious matter related to the people of Delhi. On 10th March, this file was sent by the LG to the Chief Secretary. Today, even after 14 days have passed, that important file has not reached the Power Minister,” she said.
The Power Minister further said that with such an act, it seems that there is a big conspiracy behind this whole incident.
“Under the directions of the LG, the Chief Secretary and the Power Secretary are trying to make profits by conniving with power companies while depriving the people of Delhi of 200 units of free electricity,” she alleged.
The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly has sent this matter to the Standing Committee on Public Facilities for investigation. (ANI)