: After Karnataka state Home Minister G Parameshwara questioned the origin of Hinduism, state Bharatiya Janata Party MLA and former minister CN Ashwath Narayan on Wednesday asked the former to ‘quit’ the religion if he is not happy.
Talking to the reporters, former state minister Narayan said that Parameshwara should realise that such kind of ‘arrogance’ is not good for him.
“I want to make it very clear they are under the influence of leftists and want to destroy the culture, and tradition of our country ‘Bharat’… He (G Parameshwara) should realise that such kind of arrogance is not good for him. He is a learned person,” Ashwath Narayan said.
He further challenged the Karnataka Home Minister to speak about other religions if he has ‘guts’.

“If he has got any guts, let him speak about other Dharma. Let him not insult our Dharma. If he is not happy let him quit this Dharma and be elsewhere who is stopping him…” Narayan added.
As the row over Tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi Stalin’s remark was still going on, G Parameshwara—the Karnataka minister and Congress leader sparked a controversy after he questioned the origin of Hinduism.
“The question is when was Hinduism born, who created it?.. Many religions have arisen in the history of the world. Jainism and Buddhism were born here. When was Hinduism born and who started it is still a question,” Parameshwara said.
The state Home Minister’s remarks came while he was addressing an event on the occasion of the Teachers’ Day at Maruti Kalyana Mandapam, Koratagere.
“Our country has a history of the origin of Buddhism and Jainism…Islam and Christianity came to our country from abroad. The summary of all the religions of the world is to be good for one mankind,” he added. (ANI)