Seven women students of the Thiruvananthapuram medical college have approached the principal seeking permission to wear long sleeve scrub jackets and surgical hoods inside the operation theatre (OT).
The Principal said that she would form a committee of surgeons and the infection control team to discuss the issue. This team will decide whether this is possible or not, the principal added.
According to the reason cited, as part of their religious belief they have to cover their heads at all times and it is not possible to wear hijab inside the operation theatre (OT). So they looked at alternate options.
The principal received the request on June 26.
According to the principal, she explained to the students how it could be difficult as every time they enter the OT they have to scrub and sterilise their hands up to the elbow and then wear the gown. So wearing long sleeves could be a problem.
The principal said she would call for a meeting of surgeons and the infection control team to look into the matter. (ANI)