Justice Fathima Beevi, the first woman judge of the Supreme Court passed away in Kollam at a private hospital at the age of 96.
Fathima Beevi was also the Governor of Tamil Nadu from 1997 to 2001. She also served as the first chairperson of the Commission for Backward Classes and a member of the first Central Human Rights Commission.
Fathima Beevi was honoured with the Kerala Prabha Award, the second-highest honour given by the Government of Kerala in 2023.
Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan expressed his condolences on the death of Justice Fathima Beevi.
He said, Fathima Beevi’s life was an unforgettable symbol in the history of women’s advancement in the state. Pursuing her higher education in an era when even primary education was difficult for girls, she graced prestigious positions in the judiciary, from Munsiff to the first woman judge of the Supreme Court. Kerala got its first woman judge in the Supreme Court through Justice Fatima Beevi. Justice Fathima Beevi is the first Muslim woman to rise to high positions in the judiciary.”
The Chief Minister added, “Fathima Beevi had the unique power to overcome the negative factors of social situations seeing them as a challenge. It inspired the whole society, especially women. Her actions to protect human rights as a member of the National Human Rights Commission is also notable. It was during her tenure as the Governor of Tamil Nadu that her constitutional wisdom in judicial life was manifested in practical terms. Fatima Beevi was the owner of a great personality who raised the reputation of Kerala in many ways. Her demise is a great loss to our society. As a tribute to Justice Fatima Beevi’s life path, the state has chosen her for the Kerala Prabha Award.”
The Chief Minister also said that he shares the grief of her relatives. Ministers, leaders from the opposition and other parties expressed their condolences on her death. (ANI)